Rent Holiday Villa Karstula


Rent a summer cottage from Karstula, Finland. Cottages of 138m², 186m² and 65m² are situated in a quiet location in the north central Finland and they are on the beach of Pääjärvi (width 6km, length 18km) lake. The cottages are all electrified and fit for winter habitation. Suitable for families with children. You will get an enjoyable experience from the views of the Finnish fresh water lakes and peacefully pine forests. Karstula is surrounded by three lakes, Päällinjärvi, Pääjärvi and Mustalampi. The largest of these is Pääjärvi, which is possibly one of the best perch lakes in central Finland. Karstula is a back part of the Finnish zone, where the winters are plenty snowy.

Welcome to spend your holidays in Karstula!